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i will literally sooner spend thousands of dollars on a new machine than be able to have work see when i take breaks. maybe theyll feel bad when they see me staying up til 5am to hit thier deadlines.

yesterday i learned that work just implemented a new system where they can track what i do down to the app usage. thats gonna cut into my slacking time big time LMFAO

last night i had a dream that my bosses confronted me about slacking off followed by a disembodied deep voice who called itself mr. wormy talking to me and then a person id never met "from middle school" calling me to ask if i was a capitalist. i woke up so relieved that it wasn't real. it really had me going there

i alternate rapidly between "this job is destroying my identity" and just sudden bursts of "yay! my job is cool!"

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I spent so much money on legos today. Top 10 dark retail therapy moments. On the bright side, look at the minifigures me and damien made. Mine is the rightmost one.

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