the titular typing tiger. if you use this site this is what you're supporting.

I'll never stop being entertained by the fact that the "getYear" method of the Date object in JS suffers from the Y2K bug

Had to learn Django for work, so I ended up going way too far with it in one weekend and writing my own awful forum software.

oof I just sat down for 6 hrs and made an admin page for a game server I run. I’m really happy with the functionality, but the style could use some work. now my friends will be able to restart the server, see the log, and add addon files without asking me for help.

I didn't end up being happy with the way this sculpt came out and tossed it, but I really enjoyed this method of making cartoonish fur.
Basically just taking tapered curves, joining them to the mesh, and then remeshing + smoothing back in sculpt mode.

Aw, I missed the 1 year anniversary of me starting to learn Python.
I didn’t really write code or enjoy it much before then, and now it’s my favorite thing to do (and it’s my job!)

I keep making little adjustments to my site's stylesheet so it doesn't completely suck on mobile or desktop.

Spent SO much time getting authentication set up and then adding twitter integration, but now that this is done I should be able to turn my PFP randomizer into a web app that anybody can use.

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