just found out the "cat" in "catboy" isn't short for catholic, i think i'm going to be sick

just watched a crow peel off a parking permit sticker from someone's windshield and fly away with it

am i happy that my tamagotchi is burning in hell? you better believe it

@CherryPixelBun The balance I've found that I really enjoy is experiencing older games for the first time through emulation, and if it ends up being really meaningful to me, I might end up getting a physical copy of it some day.
It ends up being like a physical representation of the best of your taste, and a smaller collection is a lot more manageable to take care of.

for the time being, if you’re a furry and not like immediately distasteful to me i’m going to follow you instantly

@ed don’t look up this movie. don’t read about the production.

gore, implied lewd shitpost 

I'm a toothy bitch (I bite and rip and tear the flesh)

New users may notice that many of us are animals. It’s kinda weird but you get used to it

the titular typing tiger. if you use this site this is what you're supporting.

@ed throwing my weight around as admin. renaming the instance to “tigers typing” with a space. making moves to ensure i’m always on top.

""Favorites" are not "Likes", but "Boosts" are important! 

On an algorithmic platform, the more attention a post gets, the more it’s likely to reach other folks. That’s not true here! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t favorite posts! Here’s a good way to think about it

Favorite - “I liked this post! Thanks for sharing it!” Hit that star to let the creator know you enjoyed the topic, are digging the conversation, or just think they’re neat! This is super low impact and low effort, and has no consequences, but is a nice way to thank the person who wrote the thing!

Boost - “More folks should see this!” Boosting a post puts it onto the Home Timelines of folks who follow you. This is really powerful here because it is the only way to get content seen on instances that don’t already federate with the source. Here on the fediverse, we are the collective curators and surfacers, so use Boosts liberally for things you enjoyed, things that folks need to hear, and to help folks who need visibility and support #fediTips

I'm currently following accounts with reckless abandon, so if I followed you randomly, please feel free to say hi!

I just subscribed our instance to a federation relay, this might spice up the federated timeline a bit?

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