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I had literally a drop of super glue in this loctite bottle it'll have to do

I tried to fix one of my eyebrows with a razor bc the strand was slightly longer than the others and it was a new blade and I sliced it and it's bleeding fuck

I swear to fucking god there better be power metal mods for beat saber and if there's not I'm gonna learn to make them I swear to god

Is there a mod for the meta quest 2 that shows me where my beer is so I dont have to remove my headset to find and grab it

Lmfao MODOR sent me an $8 property tax bill I don't even live there anymore

Did I forget my hoodie? Yes. Is it below freezing outside? Yes. Am I still in the parking lot? Yes. Am I going back inside to get it? No

Am I drunk after cleaning for 12 hours? Yes. Am I cooking lasagna while drunk? YES. Am I listening to a playlist that just went from One Direction to Electric Callboy? Y E S

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